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Cash Receipt with Apply Info not defaulting to the GL of invoice for RECV distribution

Joyce VanJura asked 4 years ago
Bringing in Cash Receipts with Apply Information but the GL distribution is not defaulting to the Invoice’s RECVG distribution automatically.  We are using Multi Entity Management from Binary Stream.  We receive the Cash Receipt into one Company/Entity but apply to other Company/Entity’s invoice(s).  If I manually go into the Distribution screen after the Cash Receipts have been uploaded and press the Default button, the GLs are corrected to hit across the company/entities.  I can’t manually do this to 2000+ cash receipts each month. 
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 4 years ago
Microsoft eConnect gets the Apply Distributions from the Customer or from Posting Setup, it does not get them from the document.
The only option is to create a post document success SQL or Script Task to update/change the distribution that is created from eConnect. It would involve querying the GP Database to get the desired account and updating the distribution that is created.
If you would need assistance with that, it is something the eOne services team could help with.
Joyce VanJura replied 1 year ago

I’m re-visiting this issue I am having. I’ve tried and need help getting the distribution to default to the invoice distribution not the entity from the cash deposit. Who or how can I get someone for eOne to assist?

Keith replied 2 weeks ago

Any answer about this? Running into the same situation. The RM10101 records have a DSTINDX assigned that matches the new row created after hitting the DEFAULT but the EDIT list reports issues with the GL and does not present the account number. It also complains about the transaction being out of balance. Users run through the steps first mentioned here and then its fixed.

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