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Can’t Open Extender Window When in Test Company

Jennifer asked 9 years ago
I have a user who is new to GP.  They will be learning how to use GP by using the test company before starting to use the production company.  I set them up as a new user in GP and copied someone else's security to their user id.  The can not open any Extender window while using the test company. I also set them up to use the production company and they can open the Extender windows in the production company.  They have the same security for both the test and production companies.  I can not figure out why they can open Extender windows in production but not test.  Anyone have any ideas?

Nicole replied 9 years ago

Extender resources are company specific, so there are a couple of things to check.

1. Do the windows that are available in the Production company exist in the Test company? If not, they will need to be exported from the live company and imported into the test company.
2. If you log into the test company as a user that has permissions to give security, does the role(s) that this user that is going to learn have access to the Extender windows in this company?
3. Does the user that the security was copied from see the windows in the test company?

This information should help figure out why the user cannot see the windows.

Jennifer replied 9 years ago

Hi Nicole

Thanks for the reply.  Here are answers to your questions.

1. – Do windows exist in test company? – The windows do exist in the test company.  The test company database is a copy of the production company.  When the user tries to open any Extender window in the test company they get the message "You do not have access to this window". 

2. Does user have the role to give them Extender window access?  They do have the security role for Extender windows.  If they log into the production company they can open the Extender window.  If they log into the test company they get an error message when trying to open an Extender window.  They have the same security for both production and test companies

3. Does user the security copied from see the Extender windows in the test company? –  All users who have access to the test company can see the Extender windows.  But, I am finding out none of them can open Extender windows in the test company.  They all get that same error about not having access.  The only users who can open up Extender windows in the test company are power users.

So, if you have any other ideas of what might be wrong let me know. 


Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
I would recommend logging into the test company and then either in one of the existing tasks the users have access to or a new one, grant them access to the windows. The security you grant to the window in the live company does not carry through to the test company. You need to assign security for the Extender windows when logged into that specific company. After you assign the security in the test company specifically, see if the users can access the windows.
Jennifer replied 9 years ago

Thanks for the reply, Nicole.  I tried setting up a new security role for the Extender windows while logged into the test company and still no luck.  Since it was the test company they aren't working in I just gave this user power user access for the test company so they can use the Extender windows for the week or so they need to use the test company.


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