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Can’t get rid of “SmartList Builder needs to finish installing.”

eprevost asked 9 years ago

After updating from GP2010 to GP 2013 SP2 and installing SmartList Builder , I always, get the message "SmartList Builder needs to finish installing. This may take a few minutes." when login with sa.  I connected to all companies, and it still give this message.  Non-sa users get a message saying that an administrator must complete Smartlist Builder installation.

How can I get rid of this message? How can I complete the installation?  I entered Smartlist builder registration key, and it was accepted.

Thank you.

Eric Pr
eprevost replied 9 years ago

Hi Jared,

When I installed GP 2013, I installed the SmartList Builder provided with GP, and installed the eOne version after running GP Utilities.  Just to make sure, I followed the instruction you provided to uninstall the eOne SLB version et put back the version included with GP, and I didn't forget to update the DU000020 table.  I ran GP Utilities, and reinstall eOne SLB.

Still the same problem. In DB_Upgrade, the version for PRODID=3830 is 12.0.21 for all databases.

I ran a SQL profiler.  The last executed query when the "smartlist needs to finish installing" message appear is:

SELECT TOP 25 Excel_Report_ID,Table_Number,Additional_Table_Number,Field_Number,Excel_Field_Name,TBLPHYSNM,Blank_Field_CB,DEX_ROW_ID 
FROM DYNAMICS.dbo.ERB11100 ORDER BY Excel_Report_ID ASC ,Table_Number ASC ,Additional_Table_Number ASC ,Field_Number ASC 

My ERB11100 table in DYNAMICS misses the Blank_Field_CB field.

Which update adds this field?  GP-provide SLB or eOne version?

Thank you.

Jared replied 9 years ago

The tables should have been updated from the GP upgrade.  If you would like to go through our support we have a script to go through and update the tables for you.

Anonymous replied 9 years ago

When you upgraded to GP 2013 did you also upgrade the version of SmartList Builder that came with your GP 2013 upgrade before installing the eOne version?  If not we have instructions in our manual for the upgrade process online: 

If you didn't follow that process you will need to uninstall the eOne version of SmartList Builder and then run through that upgrade process in the manual, then install the eOne version.  Here are the steps to unistall the eOne SmartList Builder.


cballard replied 8 years ago

I am getting the same error.  We upgraded  to GP 2013  Dynamics  12.00.1482 and used build 67 of smart list builder.

I also receive the same error everytime you log into any company.
what is the resolution?

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Jared replied 8 years ago

On build 67 the issue has been fixed.  After clicking yes the first time it should not prompt you again until you make changes in SmartList Builder.

Dliebl replied 8 years ago

I have the same issue with an upgrade from GP 2010 to 2013 R2.  Went through the install steps in the manual and keep getting the needs to finish installing error upon login.   Can get into the windows as any user.   I did have to restore the Dynamics database after installing eOne to update a failed company, but did install again.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!

Jared replied 8 years ago

Does the following query execute with any errors?

select Extender_Type, Extender_ID from DYNAMICS..DDB10000

select Extender_Type, Extender_ID from DYNAMICS..ERB10100

select Extender_Type, Extender_ID from DYNAMICS..NLB10100

select Extender_Type, Extender_ID from DYNAMICS..SLB10100

select Extender_Type, Extender_ID from DYNAMICS..SLB10400

select Blank_Field_CB from DYNAMICS..ERB11100

select Blank_Field_CB from DYNAMICS..NLB11100

select Blank_Field_CB from DYNAMICS..SLB11100

If that runs without error it's possible you may be missing a view(s).  You can create the views by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP-Tools-SmartList Builder-Maintenance-Create Views as the sa user.  Select all the companies and click create.

Dliebl replied 8 years ago

Not sure if no errors refers to.   THe top 3 had no output, the next 2 had 0 for output, and the last 3 failed but the table existed with 0 rows.  

Jared replied 8 years ago

If you can send in an email to I can send you a script that will fix the last 3 and should stop the message from happening.

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