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Can't get Excel ad in to work in Citrix environment on Server 2019

Wyeth asked 6 months ago

The Excel Smart Connect ad-in wants to install and run from local user profile on C:\users, but we have a Citrix environment with roaming profiles on a network drive. When Excel tries to load the Ad -in we see the following (path updated to remove server name) in the Applicaiton Log on the server. 

Customization URI: file://servername/foldername/ SmartConnect Excel Add-In/

Exception: Customization does not have the permissions required to create an application domain.

It seem that loading ad-ins over the network may not be allowed by Excel? Not sure. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Mickie Stamm answered 5 months ago

Hi Wyeth – curious if you got this to work yet? I did some searching around and found some various newsgroup posts, one saying that this is not supported, the second indicating that you should add the network location to the Trusted Locations in the Excel Trust Center Settings, and the third referenced a solution of installing the full .NET framework (as opposed to the client profile). So I was wondering if you had tried any of those.

Wyeth replied 5 months ago

Hello Mickie,

Thanks for the response.

I will try the Trust Center setting, but I have my doubt as I think this applies to Excel files, not plugins. Microsoft states that Client only installs have been unavailable since framework 4.5.

Mickie Stamm replied 5 months ago

Ok thanks for the update and info. Can you let us know how it goes? It’s always helpful to have the notes in these in case anyone else runs into the same issue. I did some more searching and unfortunately wasn’t able to find much else out there on this.

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