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Can't delete map bound to real-time data source

Eugene asked 6 years ago
as I was testing the work of real time data sources, I have created some test maps bound to Dynamics GP real time data sources and now I would like to delete them after few runs – just to clean up my environment. However, for some reason when I try to delete such map, I get the error message  saying the map is using real-time GP data source and I am unable to delete the map. So then I try to delete real-time GP data source, but get error message about an existing map pointing to the same. What is the correct way to break this dependency so I can clean up my environment?
Thank you!
Lorren Zemke Staff answered 6 years ago
The only method is to go to the map. Click the Register Button. Uncheck the boxes that are marked and click Process. This will un-register the map. 
Then you can delete the map and the real-time datasource.

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