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Can’t delete a mapping

crazycga asked 9 years ago
Somehow when we moved a development environment to a test environment, one of our mappings got fragged and now I can't delete it.  When going through the front end, it just says "Could not retrieve map."  The event viewer shows that it has a problem in the eOne.SmartConnect.Engine.ColumnBase.

Further investigation shows that the ColumnSettings table doesn't have a reference to the columns from the MapId, but I can't copy them from my DEV to my TEST environment because to do violates the primary key constraint on ColumnSettings.

How can I get rid of this mapping?  What tables do the mappings use to house data?

Anyone got anything?

(SmartConnect / GP2010 Environment)
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago
The only way to remove that map would require deleting the data in SQL server.  The best option would be to wait until the 2014 version comes out shortly where we will have the ability to delete that map.

crazycga replied 9 years ago

Cool, thank you.  Where can I find from which tables it needs to be removed?  I've found some, but I want to make sure it's as clear as possible from this particular mapping.

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