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Cant add custom node in node maintenance

David Jedziniak asked 6 years ago
I frequently use half a dozen different versions of SmartConnect, so I may be getting confused here.I created a custom econnect proc.� When I go into smartconnect node maintenance > legacy maintenance I can\\\’t get it to \\\”see\\\” the node.I have repeatedly searched google.�This can\\\’t be that hard.� Just looking for simple directions that work.v�
Mark replied 6 years ago

David, I can get smartconnect to import GP data but when I try to import a job, it says successful but the job is not there. I can see the nodes.. what am I missing?

David answered 6 years ago
What I found that seems to consistently fix the issue is to install the custom eConnect proc on ALL GP company databases before trying to add the node.
Edward replied 4 years ago

Having the same problem. We only have one company database. I have done the following:

* verified the proc contains the @O_iErrorState int output, @oErrString varchar(255) output parameters
* added the Node definition to the schema .xsd; In this case the PMTransaction.xsd
* verified the name of the schema element matches the proc name
* ran system maintenance

When I go to Node Maintenance and use Add Existing Node, it isn’t listed, and trying Add New Node produces the “The node does not exist.” message.

Appreciate any insight.

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