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cannot use added column in search parameters

Ben asked 8 years ago
When using the Search window in smartlists (where you can set up to 4 search definitions & Max Records), if I add a column to the smartlist, I cannot immediately select that column in a search definition. To be able to select that column as a search definition, I first need to run the smartlist (or at least let is start). After it has ran once, I can re-open the search window and select the newly added column as a search definition. I suspect this is a Dynamics GP bug and not smartlist builder?
Smartlist Builder version 12.00.0070
Patrick Roth Staff answered 8 years ago
I wasn’t able to repro this on my machine because as soon as I added the column and hit OK, GP started to run the SmartList before I could tell it to stop.
But yes, I would suspect it would be a SmartList bug and not a SmartList Builder bug because the Search window and the behavior there is entirely SmartList and not SLB.

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