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Cannot Login after Domain Change

Alyson Van Alstyne asked 9 years ago
My customer changed the domain from the one where all of the Smartconnect users existed, so now we cannot login.  the service starts and the smartconnect user is fine, but it is the Windows users set up in Smartconnect Security. 

If I remove smartconnect and reinstall, will they lose all of their integrations or is there an easier way to fix this issue?
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
If you log into the sql sql as 'sa' where SmartConnect is installed you should be able to run this statement:

SELECT * FROM SmartConnect..[Users]

That table should hold the usernames and domain names, based on those results you should be able to write an update statement that will adjust their domains so they can log in again. 

I would not recommend trying to change the guid or encrypted fields within that table though.


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