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Cannot get SQL Statement result assigned to global variable

Mariano Gomez asked 9 years ago
I have been struggling to get the result of a SQL statement assigned to a global variable. My SQL statement is as follows:

EXEC taGetPMNextPaymentNumber 1, @PMTNUMBER OUTPUT, @ErrorCode;

I have setup a global variable which I am using to get the content of @PMTNUMBER assigned to.

NOTE: I already have a GP Rolling Column defined in this map.

Where am I going wrong in all this?
Dominic Beland replied 4 years ago

I’m able to fetch SQL data in a calculated column.

With this:

However I’m not able to assign the result to a variable.

How do you assign the result to the variable?

And Where do you assign the dummy value?

Is it in the global variable tab of the map or in a task that runs before the document?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

The issue from Dominic was that in the calculation script the code was like:

result = DataReader[0]
return result

The problem is that the calculation (properly) returns the value on the return statement but the script ends at that point so GBL_MYRESULT never gets populated.

result = DataReader[0]
return result

The easy solution is to reorder the script lines to return last.

Best Answer
Mariano Gomez answered 9 years ago
I figured this one out. Apparently, in order to get this to work, one needs to assign a dummy value to the global variable or nothing can get assigned by SmartConnect. This dummy value works as some sort of initialization so future values can be assigned.

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