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Cannot Create a CRM Change Datasource in SmartConnect 2014

Brandon Germaine asked 7 years ago
Hi All,
I have a quick question regarding CRM Change datasources. I am currently using SmartConnect 2014 (as an administrator) and when I try to create a change datasource, I receive the following error: “Could not find an entiity with specified entity name: new_salesorder_tracking”. Since this is the newer version of SmartConnect, it should create/handle the tracking tables creation without needed the entities imported into CRM, however it appears to not be working.

Does anyone have a suggestion regarding what I may be doing wrong? I would greatly any feedback.
Thank you very much!
Lorren Zemke answered 7 years ago
On the CRM Connector page, make sure the option “Allow SmartConnect to manage change tables” is ticked.
Aaron Michalove answered 6 years ago
To be able to check the “Allow SmartConnect to manage change tables” on a Map, be sure your connector (Setup > Setup) also has a check in the box that the connector will allow SmartConnect to manage change tables.

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