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Cannot connect to SmartConnect after password change

Aaron asked 10 years ago
The password for the "SmartConnect" account in SQL environment of Great Plains was changed and now end users cannot connect to map ….

Is the application password for the SMARTCONNECT account hard-coded?
Does this have to do with the initial installation of eConnect?
Anonymous replied 10 years ago

Aaron,  you can use this KB article to get the SmartConnect password.  The KB article talks about a different issue but the fix is the same.  The SmartConnect password is set the first time you install it on the server so if you use a different password during the install on another machine it puts the wrong value in the registry.  You can also uninstall and reinstall with the right password. 

Aaron replied 10 years ago

Lorren –

This is the error the end user gets when they attempt to map:

NHibernate.TransactionException: Begin failed with SQL exception —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Login failed for user 'SmartConnect'.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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