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cancel save using script

Arthur asked 10 years ago
Hi Guys,

I have a script that runs when the save button is selected to check some of my fields are not dupicate records and warns the user.

This works fine but what I want to do is run and if the warning is triggered then cancel the save.

Is that even possible?

edwin.gomez replied 10 years ago

Did you find out how? I am looking for the same.


Arthur replied 10 years ago

nope sorry

Nicole replied 10 years ago

Any action you try to put on the Save button is going to be run after it is already saved.  It would require an event type of Before Save to handle this which isn't currently there.  I am going to enter a product request for this and we hope to add it in a future build or Extender.

Arthur replied 10 years ago

thanks Nicole

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