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Can you make a Smartlist built from Smartlist Builder company specific?

Nancy asked 5 years ago
Can you make a Smartlist built from Smartlist Builder company specific? Similar to how you can make a favorite company specific?
Nancy replied 5 years ago

Like how you can make it visible/accessible to only one company when you open Smartlist. I have a client with many companies and some of what we build for them makes sense only for some of their companies and not others so to avoid questions and confusion I would like to only have them show up in certain companies and not others.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
I guess it depends on what you mean by “company specific”.
If you mean “the smartlist should only show when I’m logged in X company but not Y” then that is a function of GP Security and the roles you are using that you’ve assigned the SmartLIst Builder object to.
If you mean “i want to run this smartlist in EVERY company but it should only pull data from the X company and not my current company” then the solution to that is instead of using a GP table as the source data, you would pull from the SQL tables directly (or views).
If you do this, there is a checkbox for “current company”.  If marked then SLB runs the query against the “current company”.  Otherwise, SLB remembers which db it really was pointed to and uses that database specifically – so the data is always from that db no matter which company you are logged into.
Nancy Cohen replied 5 years ago

Ok yes I remember that I’d have to do this though security, I think I blanked that out because this is the client with 50 companies and many users to boot, so would be very complicated to setup. thanks.

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