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Can we call a stored procedure from eXtender?

Chris asked 9 years ago
We're looking into how to go about recreating all the VBA code we've used via Modifier in a way that will be compatiable with the web client in GP 2013. Is there a way to call a stored procedure from eXtender Enterprise? We've got customizations now where we're passing in values and just getting acknowledgement that the procedure completed, but if returning something is a problem, we could raise an error through SQL instead.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
You can certainly call SQL stored procedures with Extender Enterprise as it has a pass through SQL option available.  It doesn't however know how to handle it if an error is returned and depending on the error, could just move on or it may crash GP.  It really just depends on what SQL tries to return.  So you would probably want to raise the error through SQL instead of trying to pass it back to Extender.
Chris replied 9 years ago

Thanks, I guess I should have read the manual a bit more.  I was looking in the wrong area for it.

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