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Can SmartPost 2010 & 2015 co-exist on the same server ?

@GP_Beat asked 6 years ago
I recently installed GP2015 on a Citrix server where there is also an GP2010 client installed.
All the 3rd party ISV tools for 2015 work fine, except that now when a user wanted to launch GP2010, it raises an error message about a SmartPost2015.DLL file that cannot be found in the 2010 folder ????
The SmartPost was installed into the GP2015 directory, not the 2010, so unless the setup program has a bug, I don’t see why that happened.
Can someone confirm from eOne please that a tandem setup with different GP versions on the same system is supported ?
@GP_Beat replied 6 years ago

I did some more testing with SmartPost 2010 & 2015 on the same Citrix server.. what I actually found out is staggering.. 1st the default installation path that is suggested by the setup of 2015 points to the old GP2010 folder, which can easily been overseen.. But much worse is the fact that several files get actually deleted from the GP2010 folder even when installing SP into the new GP2015 folder !!! Once you’ve done that, your GP2010 has no SmartPost apps anymore and you’re toasted.
The setup also alters the .config file in the Addins folder of the old GP2010 and makes it pretty much useless.
I was able to make SP work again on the GP2010 client after copying back the missing files from the Addins and GP main folder from anther client workstation.
However, even the GP2015 client does actually show the SmartPost apps in the main GP menu, under tools > SmartPost, all other sub-menus are non-working… Esentially, they don’t trigger any form to open when you click on them.. it’s like gone with the wind..
I’d love to find an actual written statement from eOne that confirms that you either cannot run two different SmartPost versions from the same system, or in the opposite case, how to fix the bug and make it actually work.
Thanks in advance for the reply.

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