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Can only get one item of data on my sales invoice

Deb asked 10 years ago
I have source data that is rows of items to be billed – many lines for each customer. I was hoping I could do this with 2 maps – one to create the SOP header and the other to create the line items. I have customer and document number as the key fields in my data source. These are grouped in the header node and I get the right number of invoices being created. I don’t seem to be able to get more than 1 line item in my line item detail. I have tried every grouping combination I can think of. What am I missing? Does anyone have a good sample GP invoice map I could take a look at? Is this possible?
Best Answer
lorren answered 10 years ago

You should be able to update the SOP Header and SOP Lines in the same map.  This would assume your data source has the header information repeated on every line.

The line items should not be grouped at all as that is your lowest common node for creating the SOP Lines (unless you have serial/lot numbers).

Then you would just group your header node to match the key fields.

Here is a Blog Article on grouping in SmartConnect.


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