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Can not enter custom Sales Document Number with Sales Invoice

Joshua asked 2 years ago
I am creating a integration into Microsoft GP for Sales Invoices with SmartConnect.  I am trying to map in a custom SOPNUMBE (Sales Document Number).  I receive an error that the default location code does not exist in SOP setup Node Identifier…
I am guessing that SmartConnect can not enter the custom invoice number and GP wants to use the default?  Thing is, I can manually enter in this custom Sales document number without any error.
How can I allow SmartConnect to be able to insert the custom SOPNUMBE/Sales Document Number?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
The error doesn’t say anything about an issue with your SOP Number.  It is telling you there isn’t a default location code set up in SOP.  Now you could map the Location Code field on the ‘create sales transaction’ node but obviously you did not do that here or else you wouldn’t get this error.
To resolve this, go to SOP Setup window and select a default Site ID (the label in GP) or else make sure you map a Location Code on the Sales Transaction Header node.

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