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Can I add a column to the Excel GL Template?

Chad Bruels asked 5 years ago
A client is using the Dynamics GP Excel Template for Journal Entry Integration. They consistently have GL Distributions which have the same values across the currently defined Group By fields (Account, Dist Ref, Debit, Credit, and whatever the Key field is). So those rows are grouped and the journal is then unbalanced and suffers the appropriate eConnect error. Can I add a row number column to the excel file and then include that field in the Group By selection on the GL Distribution mapping? Or would this break the template/map interaction? 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 5 years ago
No, you can’t add a new column to the template because the VBA code behind it won’t use that value and send it to the map.
But not sure why you would need a “sequence number” column.
I would ask you “Why are you grouping the distributions at all”?
Typically for detail lines, you never want to group them because you don’t want exactly this to happen – you don’t want any lines summarized.
So without knowing what you are trying to accomplish (which would seem to be NEVER grouping the distributions because your question here is to add a unique sequence number) and what you data looks like, I would boldly suggest removing your grouping on the ‘add distribution’ line.

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