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Can extender fields be used to store long serial no in POP Receipt Entry and within SOP Sales Invoice Entry windows which links to GP serial no?

Steven asked 2 years ago
In GP 2015 R2, can extender windows be used to store long serial no which links to GP serial no within POP Receivings Transaction Entry and SOP Sales Transaction Entry windows? what would be the key fields needed for these 2 extender windows?
This is to circumvent GP serial no max length of 20 (and capture longer serial no)
Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 years ago
I guess it would depend on how you are linking these serial numbers to the window.
If you are just linking to the POP Receivings window, you just need the PO Number.  If you are trying to link to the Line Item, then perhaps the Receipt Number and the Item (or the Ord of the line of the item).
If you need to link the specific line entered for the serial number in the Purchasing Serial Number Entry window then you could link by the Recept/Item/Serial Number.
It depends on what you are looking for exactly and how you need it.
SOP Serial Numbers would be about the same then.

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