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Can an action pass a parameter from the window it's called from?

Jen asked 4 years ago
I’m trying to sort out if Extender can handle this. I want to have an Additional Menu on a window like Vendor Maintenance, where the user would select a vendor, select the action from the Additional menu and have it open a URL to an internal portal-type application including passing the selected vendor ID as a parameter in the URL.
I can’t see to figure out the right combination of things to do that. I can get it to open the URL without the parameter but can’t figure out the rest.
Is this possible?
Jen answered 4 years ago
Follow up question to clarify. I’m looking at the downloadable templates with shortcut examples and they can pass a field value if opening an existing GP window. There doesn’t appear to be a way to get the field value when you choose Open Application as the action type.
Would a “Dynamics GP Script” be able to open a URL link? The fields are there to use as parameters but I don’t know Dex at all. (Assume the Dynamics GP script is expecting Dex language/commands.)
Patrick Roth Staff replied 4 years ago

“There doesn’t appear to be a way to get the field value when you choose Open Application as the action type”

That is correct. Extender doesn’t have an option for params for Open Application (although it could if we added it).

You note that you aren’t a Dexterity programmer – yes that would make it more difficult. Especially if you want to write a script to do “custom” stuff.

For URLs, you still use the “run application” command in Dexterity.
As the above link notes, you leave the first parameter empty (unless you wanted to force IE or chrome or something). Otherwise the OS makes the choice of what app to launch based on the params.

So from the example in the link, if I wanted to search google for “my vendor” on the vendor maintenance window

l_Url =” +
‘Vendor ID’ of window PM_Vendor_Maintenance of form PM_Vendor_Maintenance;

warning l_Url;
run application “”, l_Url;

the warning statement is just showing you what the URL is going to look like. You’d have to make sure to format it however you need your call to look.

Then the “run application” call executes it and the browser takes it from there.

Jen replied 4 years ago

Hi Patrick, thanks for this. I ended up using Dynamics GP Script as the action type and it worked like a charm, with a similar example to what you have above.

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