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Calculated fields not calculating on window opening

PdT asked 10 years ago
I have set up a few calculated fields (just simple additions of a few currency fields) and it works fine when entering data but when you safe the record and then open it again, the calculations are not done – it just shows zero. When I add a cent to one of the amounts, it calculates again. Should the calculations not be done every time the window opens so that the users can see the sub-totals and totals that I am calculating? We are on GP 2010 and the calculations are on an Extra Window.
Nicole replied 10 years ago

There does appear to be an issue with this.  As a workaround, if you put a calculated field on the main form, the calculations will calculate on the Extra Window as well when you pull up the data.

This is fixed in Extender 2013 Standard and should be fixed when 2013 Enterprise releases as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Teresa replied 8 years ago

This was not happening to us until we upgraded to 2013.  Can you explain what could be our problem?


Nicole replied 8 years ago

You are seeing calculated fields on the Extra Windows not calculate in 2013? If this is the case, what exact build are you on?

The original issue in this forum was on 2010 and was fixed in 2013, so want to make sure to test what you are seeing.

Teresa replied 8 years ago

Extender Version is 12.00.0102

Teresa replied 8 years ago

Just checking in to see if any progress has been made on this issue?

Nicole replied 8 years ago

I am unable to recreate the issue on Extender 2013 build 102 or any higher ones.

Can you outline exactly what your setup is so that we can see what might be going on? Otherwise, if you would like, you can contact the support team at and they can look into it as well. If it is related to the problem report, there will be no charge for the case.

Best Answer
patrick answered 8 years ago
Teresa, This might be an upgrade bug. I haven’t tested it yet on my own system but I ran across this same problem on a scrolling window where they had a similar problem. However during entry the calculation didn’t work either and not just when they pulled the window up. It would be best to open a support case (if you haven’t yet) to look into it further.
Teresa replied 8 years ago

Patrick –

I contacted support.  Not sure if you consider it an upgrade bug or not.  They had me remove the calculated fields, and re-add them.  This fixed the calculation problem, but the windows are on the additional window 3 times now.

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