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calculated field using custom dll

Maria asked 9 years ago
 I need to calculate a field using a function from my custom dll. In the documentation I've found the following: 
"All functions / methods, used in scripting, that are not included in one of these namespaces must be explicitly referenced by script code when they are used. Failure to do this will result in compilation errors when trying to save or validate scripts."                                                                                                                        
Where should I put my custom dll to make it visible for SmartConnect and how is it supposed to reference the dll in the calculated field if it implies that the code for a calculated field is created in a function scope?
Thank you!
Best Answer
Chris answered 9 years ago
If you are using a custom dll we would normally recommend acutally compiling that code that requires it in a separate executable package. Then you can just call that file from the scripting window or the Run File task within SmartConnect when needed.


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