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calculated field failure

tb_mshepard asked 9 years ago
I have a calculated field that looks up an Item description from a custom table.  If the Item doesn't exist in the table it should throw an error.  My script throws an exception when the item doesn't exist in the table, but the Map itself doesn't fail.  Is there a way to fail the map and with a specific error from the calculated field?  Or does it need to be in a task before the map is run?  When I run the map it logs the error (thrown exception) but it doesn't cause the map to fail.
Best Answer
Hanson answered 9 years ago
If you want to be able to fail a record within an additional column you want to use the SQL Lookup option.

This allows you to try retrieve your value from the table, and then you can set it up to report failure if it doesn't find anything. Reporting failure in this case means failing that specific record the lookup fails within.


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