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Bypass Unbalanced error asked 10 years ago
Is there any way to bypass the balancing issue for smartconnect?  I am trying to import YEAR END Balances for balance sheet and income/expense accounts and I can't get past the error.  My file is huge and it will take me forever to find accounts that equal on the debits and credits side.
Martin replied 10 years ago

It is eConnect whcih is thowing you the balancing message. GP insists that all journal balances.  (I suspect your accountants will also insist that is balances).

Is there more to the story as to why you want to import an unbalanced entry? If there is a legitimate reason you could potentially add a balancing entry into your source file – to force it to balance. that said – GP will not allow you to post that entry until it does balance anyway. replied 10 years ago

I know that the entry must balance for the posting in GP.  However this is full chart of accounts for year end (before close) from a previous program.  The balance sheet accounts balance out but the Profit and Loss accounts have a balance of ($318K).  Once the year end is closed that balance will go to the retained earnings account. 

I have over 750 accounts with AA to enter for this entry and really don't want to enter by hand. 

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