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Business Central and using the System ID

Joerg asked 3 years ago
Business Central has since v15 a new field “System ID” which represents the unique identifier of the record and is a GUID. I created a new API page to use this System ID. Important is to set Editable = true; in the page, otherwise you will receive an error message when using the Web Service.
In this instance I made a Customer Card page and set the AccountID of CE to System ID in BC. However, the new record in BC is not set to the same GUID as the Account. The question is why?
Has anyone used the System ID and can share your experience?
Joerg Rau answered 3 years ago
I worked it out now. If you add an OnInsertRecord trigger to your page then the SystemID will be set and you can achieve your pairing. Even renames of a Code (PK) field worked fine then.

trigger OnInsertRecord(BelowxRec: Boolean)Boolean
        Insert(true, true);
Ethan Sorenson Staff replied 3 years ago


Thanks for following up on this. That is a useful trick to note. We may have to write a blog about this topic in case other users are looking to do this. Another approach would be to add a custom GUID field to the existing Customer Table/Page. Map the unique identifier from CE to BC in that field. Then use that as your destination grouping so it is used as the key by SmartConnect.

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