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Bulk Data Load Salesforce Query

Brandon L asked 6 years ago
Very new to smartconnect. I’m just trying to become familiar with the tool so I’m trying to set up a bulk data load map using Salesforce as the destination. I’ve set up the salesforce connector. I chose SaleForce Query for the Data Source in the map set up but I’m not being prompted to chose the connection or enter credentials like the manual says. I feel like I must be missing something. I get an error sating the Connection could not be validated. 
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
There is no “prompt for credentials” anywhere that I can think of in SmartConnect – i’d need a link or page number of the documentation if you had one to remove it if it is there.
Instead of a prompt (which would be terrible – and how would unattended integration work?), each connector is set up so that you tells you the source/destination of where it should go (your URL to SF for both in your case).  And then in the connector, you typically enter the credentials of the user you want to run as.
For SF, you don’t actually have to set up specific credentials.  If you don’t then SC tries to connect to Salesforce as “you” which may or may not work depending on your set up.  I’ve never really seen anyone NOT enter their SF credentials into the Salesforce Connector before – the reason is that you want it to work for everyone typically and not just “as the current user” who may or may not have SF permissions on the back end.
Brandon L. replied 6 years ago

It says here: at step 6 to enter credentials if prompted. I wasn’t prompted but I’m also getting errors when trying to establish a SF connection

Brandon L. replied 6 years ago

Figured it out. Thanks

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