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Bulk CRM orders to GP

Taek asked 6 years ago
I trying to create a bulk load vs a real time map from CRM to GP. I’m able to preview and validate but when I run the map, I receive an error message
node tasophdrivcinsert with required fields is required for new soptransactiontypes
It seems like its stating that I need something if I’m trying to create a new SOPtype but I’m not creating any new SOPtype. I have mapped sales document type to a list option as Order. Can someone point me towards the right direction?  
Jared Dux Staff answered 6 years ago
Make sure that the grouping on your Create Sales Transaction node and the key fields on your source are the same.
Taek replied 6 years ago

Awesome. Totally missed that but after fixing that issue, now I’m getting additional errors.

Error Number = 2608 Stored Procedure = taSopLineIvcInsert Error Description = Document does not exist in the Work File – SOP10100 – the Line can not be modified
I’m not sure where to start with this error…

Error Number = 11984 Stored Procedure = taSopLineIvcInsert Error Description = CUSTNMBR does not exist on current work SOP document
I set the Customer number as accountnumber (which houses the customer number from CRM) so I’m not sure why this is getting an error. The customer number/account number is also in GP.

Jared Dux Staff replied 6 years ago

Unmark the Update Existing box in you Add Line Item node and you should be good.

Taek replied 6 years ago

Update existing box wasn’t marked when this error was posted.

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