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building node to import heath benefit in HR Tables

Dave Funk, RSM asked 7 years ago
Before I commit a large chuck of time to trying to building a node to import heath benefit into the HR Tables and have them update the Payroll tables just like it does in Dynamics GP I thought I’d ask if this is doable? has anyone successfully built this nodes, and does anyone have any tips for doing so?
Dave Funk replied 6 years ago

I have not received a response to this post. Does anyone have any comments or guidance?

Patrick Roth Staff replied 6 years ago

Dave – it depends on what you expect to see as a response from the community. Now ideally you’d have a dozen responses along the lines of “Yes it was easy and here is the code” – but more than likely the answer is “nobody has tried” and therefore I wouldn’t have expected response back to say that.

For your question “is this doable”? Sure – it is just data in SQL in the end. The biggest trick is knowing where the data all goes and then if there are any calculations that you have to do regarding totals, amounts, or what have you.

I don’t know how well Microsoft has documented those tables in their SDK. But obviously your best friend will be entering the data in by hand and looking at a dexsql.log to see the insert statements and where they go.

Once you have that – SC won’t have an issue running the inserts or sql procs in order to create the transactions.

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