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bug with view integration log run data, start end end time. when previous or next button pressed

Kieren asked 6 months ago

While battling through the logs (not being able to sort them by either runnumber or date properly)

i noticed there is some more odd behavior with the times displayed on the view integration log form.

when the date/time data is first loaded it looks correct, the time is correct, but if i click the next or previous button to move to the next record, then return to the run number i was just looking at by pressing previous, the time changes, it moves back exactly 1 hour.

And from that point on, the time on every run record  i look at, will be 1 hour earlier to when it actually ran.

if  I go back into the lookup form, and reload and it will be correct until i press either the “previous” or “next” button.

i cant really fathom what it is doing here? i first thought it may have something with the UK daylight saving, but surely it is just loading the date/time value from the SQL data? it is very odd

perhaps this can be looked at in a future release?

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