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bug in create Dynamics GP transaction

kcantrell asked 9 years ago
In extender 2013, when you create an action for a Dynamics GP transaction for a Sales Order, it passes 0.00 to the unit price if you are using a field from the options. If I use a field from the main fields on the form, it works. However, we have multiple lines on the form, so I have to use the options fields. This is a major problem for me, as we are dependent on this functionality for our daily invoicing. Anyone know a workaround? I have tried to create a sql update script, but the price affects too many items on the sales order transaction screen for this to work properly (totals, defaulting distributions). Please let me know if you have encountered this and what you did to fix it.
Best Answer
Nicole answered 9 years ago
So that we can test this properly and verify it as a Problem Report and figure out what is going on, can you send an e-mail to on the issue?  It would be great if you could include and export of your solution and/or screen shots of what you have setup so that we can be sure we are trying to replicate it in the same manner. 


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