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Bring Over Encrypted Data

Brandon asked 6 years ago
Hello,�I have a database I am using to stage data for smart connect to transfer into GP.  In this staging database I am encrypting the credit card column.I am looking for a way to pull that encrypted field with smart connect, decrypt it, and insert into GP.I have the sql command to decrypt the data, I am just not sure where to put it in Smartconnect. I would like to do it through the mapping, if possible.Does anyone have any ideas on how I would accomplish this?Thanks
Patrick Roth Staff answered 6 years ago
Since the data in SQL, you would write an ODBC query on the table to pull your info.  As the data is encrypted there, then you’ll just add the decryption piece to your SQL statement to decrypt it as It pulls from the db.
now it is plain text and will be inserted to wherever you want in GP.

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