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Blank GL Segments

DavidDery asked 9 years ago
Trying to write an import for a client and the client has blank segments in their accounts.   I already have to "fix" the account with a calculated field and how to I get it to understand the blanks?

For example:

Original Source Account: 3200
Calc'd Account (adding prefix): 43200
GL Account in GP: 43200-_____-_____ (where _____ are blanks).

Thanks, Dave.
DavidDery replied 9 years ago

After trying multiple ways to force the issue, I output the map to a GP file so I could look at the XML and it appears SmartConnect truncates segment three.

So how do I plug a blank segment 3 if SC overrides my input?

Lorren replied 9 years ago


You are creating a string such as "43200-    –    –    -" so that it matches the GP account structure?

Can you post your calculated column code?

DavidDery replied 9 years ago

Forgive me as I didn’t bring a copy with me from the office, but I believe the base calc was something like. . .

return “4” & _Account & “- – ”

I also tried wrapping the entire formula in various conversions, tostring, padding, etc with no luck. When outputting the file to a “GP file” so I could see the xml, the output for the gl account is “43200- -“. It truncates as if applying an rtrim to the code.


DavidDery replied 9 years ago

Sorry, prior response didn’t include carriage returns.

Segment 2 is 5 spaces, segment 3 is 3 spaces. The formula reflects that spacing with the hyphen.

DavidDery replied 9 years ago

Guys – 

Any thoughts on this?  I go back to this client tomorrow to try and finalize and would like to be able to offer some sort of solution other than change your COA.

Thanks, Dave.

Best Answer
sueconrod answered 9 years ago
Ran into this about 10 years ago, and although you are having an issue with SmartConnect the client was unable to do any FRx financial reporting.  I had to go to Corporate Renaissance and get the changer tool and fill in the Chart of Accounts with 000's where ever there were blanks.

That by the way is not all that expensive a tool to use and can be done quickly.  I'm sure that they are probably having issues with their financials as well.  And it could be that they can use the Changer tool within Great Plains. 

Ruaan Jonker answered 9 years ago
Hi David

I have manged to successfully create GL General Transactions using accounts with blank segments in them.

I did the following:
1. _ACCNUMBER is the column name that contains the data in the data source
2. I then created a calculated field for the actual account number

Here is the code i used.
return (_ACCNUMBER.ToString() + "-    –   ").ToString()
return (_ACCNUMBER.ToString() + "-    –   ").ToString();


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