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Blank Error When Running a Map asked 10 years ago
In the last week while attempting to build new maps I have started to encounter a blank error when running those maps.  This has occurred in two separate installs of SmartConnect; one is version and the other is 

Upon re-installing one of the .16 version I started seeing an error message which stated:

[quote=]1 Error in calculation column 'SQLDEF_MARCB-W7-PC' : End of statement expected.[/quote]

The same error occurs no matter what map I am running and now also occurs on older maps which used to run fine.  It occurs even on the simplest maps that have no calculated fields or tasks or .net code that I've added.  It appears to be something to do with a default SQL connection setup in the background of each map or possibly the connection to the SmartConnect database (but all navigation and maintenance inside of SC works fine).

Another side effect of this issue seems to be that no or c# code can be validated.  Even the code that was already in working maps and used to validate just fine.

Thanks a lot for any guidance you can provide,
Chris Hanson replied 10 years ago

There was an issue a few builds ago where maps would not work if there were any saved connections that had dashes in them.

You should either be able to remove and rename the saved sql connections without the dashes like hte one you have posted above, or you could upgrade to the latest release which should have it fixed as well.

H replied 10 years ago

Thanks a lot Chris.  That resolved my issue and everything seems to be working well now.

HowardJoslin replied 10 years ago

Did you receive any resolution for this error? I'm getting it now as well.

Best Answer answered 10 years ago
Yes, avoid using dashes in the id when creating anything in SmartConnect (ie. data source, map, etc.).  They seemed to have several bugs around this and in the current versions have just restricted you from using dashes at all in the id of an object.

Avoid dashes and this error goes away.

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