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"Begins With" restrictions & wildcards?

Jennifer asked 7 years ago
I have a customer with project accounting that is using the restrictions by user class feature in SLB. They have a number of different types of users who can see different projects. There is no obvious grouping by projects other than the naming convention, so they have to set up a lot of individual restrictions, all begins with, with a certain prefix.  Is there a better way to group restrictions in some way using OR clauses perhaps?
Example: group A gets projects that start with 0, 1, E, L DS. Group B gets that too but they also get to see projects starting with C, MS, B, DS and P. So I have to create 10 different restrcitions, one for each ‘begins with’. And that’s just a small example.
I really need a “begins with one of this list” like the other “list” options in the restriction types.
Chris Hanson Staff answered 7 years ago
Jennifer, we don’t have anything inside of SLB that will exactly what you want right now. I will enter a suggestion based off of this scenario though.
What you could do right now is create your needed view in SQL with the correct WHERE clauses using all the options available within T-SQL. Then in SLB you can use the SQL SCripting or SQL View option to pull in the data that already has those filters on it.

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