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Batch Update returned Unexpected row Count from update (Could not Save Record)

John asked 6 years ago
 Came in to wok on some integration Maps and all of the maps are giving me these errors also the Smartconnect crashes when I try to open the schedule tab on the maps 
Jen replied 4 years ago

I’m getting this error (in your subject line) as well. I get it every time I delete something from the Process Errors area. I’d love to know why it happens… and how to resolve. My guess is some kind of missing permissions. I’m on FWIW.

Manny Lopez replied 4 years ago

I’m getting the same error message. This is very frustrating. My source is Dynamics CRM and destination is Excel file. I was able to create the MAP and save it. Then I re-opened the MAP and mad changes to the destinations fields and it broke everything. I’m on version

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