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Batch Number is a generated field GP, it is a required field on smart connect upload why?

aharris asked 7 years ago
In GP the Batch Number is a generated field on the journal entries, On the smart connect upload it is a required field.  Why is the batch number not generated for smart connect?
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
Out of the box – the Batch Number in the Journal Entry window is NOT a generated field.
If yours does this, then you have a customization at the UI level that sets it for you but it is definitely not built into GP.
But even if it were built-in to GP, SmartConnect calls the Microsoft eConnect procedures for transaction processing – and this behavior would have to be coded into those procs.  And currently (regardless of the GP UI functionality) it isn’t. 
Which means that you would have to provide the Batch ID for the transaction.

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