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batch file

JGrebe asked 8 years ago
We have a batch file GLfile.bat, that is set to run before the map begins. The file is moving and renaming files in the \serverrootPublicAccountingGL location. When we run the map manually, it runs successfully. However, when it runs through the scheduler it does not run. We get the message that the task did not run. The system cannot find the drive specified.
Best Answer
Lorren answered 8 years ago
When using path's for a scheduled integration you need to use UNC paths because the user is not logged in when the schedule runs.
JGrebe replied 8 years ago

Does that include the ODBC connection also? I can’t find a way to use the unc path on the ODBC text setup. It is only giving me the option for mapped drives.

lorren answered 8 years ago
Yes, it does. You actually have to paste the full UNC path into the file name field instead of trying to browse through the folders.

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