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Batch file to run smartconnect map

ranga asked 9 years ago
Hi,I am trying to create a batch file to run a Smartconnect map in version  I have created a batch file with the following information,  "C:Program Files (x86)eOne SolutionsSmartConnecteOne.SmartConnect.UI.External.exe" SETTLEMENT_PAYMENTS cd "C:Program Files (x86)eOne SolutionsSmartConnect".  (Settlement_Payments being the mapID).  It execute smartconnects but does not click the okay button to enter the smartconnect application.  Has anyone tried creating a batch file to run a map? Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? Thanks Ranga
Best Answer
Lorren answered 9 years ago

Use the eOne.SmartConnect.RunMapConsole.exe instead.

Ranga replied 8 years ago

Hi Lorren, When I try to launch from the eOne.SmartConnect.RunMapConsole.exe, I get a black blank screen pop up and an error message
 "eOne.Smartconnect.RunMApConsole has stopped working".  I check the Smartconnect icon properties to see how we currently launch Smartconnect
 and it uses the "eOne.SmartConnect.UI.External.exe".   Are you able to tell me why this executable maynot be working.  One of the guys from
 Smartconnect helped us to upgrade to Smartconnect 2013 over a year ago and we did not seem to have any problems launching smartconnect
 although we were not using the console executable to launch. Currently with Great Plains we are able launch great plains that then  post batches
 and create transaction using a batch file and a macro that has recorded key strokes.  If we are unable to get the console executable working could
 this be another work around?  I would prefer to work out why  eOne.SmartConnect.RunMapConsole.exe is not working first.  Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Ranga

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