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Basic Authentication getting deprecated – What SC version to upgrade

Jothi asked 5 months ago


We are upgrading GP from 2016 R2 to 18.4. Since MS is deprecating the basic authentication from Oct 1st, does SC 21 support the alternate methods to send email notifications?



Heddy replied 2 months ago

hi Jothi, did you get an official answer from eOne on this? i’m also wondering if the deprecation of Basic Auth has an impact with SC emailing functionality.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 2 months ago

Jothi & Heddy,

Recent versions of SC 21 support using the MSGraph API which does allow sending emails via that API.

However apparently the depreciation of Basic Auth hasn’t affected using Office 365 as my own email from SC 2018 (and recent SC 21) using the “old” basic authentication still emails fine.


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