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Bank TRX with AA asked 9 years ago
Has anyone successfully created and imported a bank transaction with AA file into GP 2013?  I am getting the 7604 error and I have made sure the file is good.

Best Answer
David answered 9 years ago


Normally you can map a line item sequence to the distribution mapping and the AA mapping in order to tie the AA distribution to the debit or credit distribution. 

For Bank Transactions, it's not possible to map a line item sequence to the Distribution mapping, Microsoft did not include this field in the eConnect node. 

For this reason the eConnect nodes use the account number as the linking field.  So basically the AA distribuion looks at the standard distribution and matches it up by account number and then links the AA information to it. 

The end result is that it will work on 2 conditions. 

1.  You only have an account number appear 1 time in the distribution mapping for each transaction.

2.  You only have 1 AA code and Dimension per distribution account. 

It's not an issue with SmartConnect, in all the other modules you have the capability to map the line sequence, but with Bank Transactions there is no option to map it. 

I already answered your question via our support email, however I posted the same response to the Forums in case other customers were running into the issue. 



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