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bank transfer

Toni asked 1 year ago

CMTrxType for transfer is 7. How to get negative amounts for transfer to and positive amounts for transfer from

Toni replied 1 year ago

Still working to get a Smartlist for Bank Transactions with Smartlist Builder. By using the CMTrxType’s 1 to 6 and 101 to 104, I am able to get the correct amounts debit or credit by using CASE in calculations and multiply the outgoing amounts by -1. The problem still are transfers, because there is the same type 7 for in’s or out’s.

Patrick Roth Staff answered 1 month ago


There are very few places in GP that lets you enter negative debit & credit amounts and so if your data does have the negative values – then you’d have to look at the document types as you are and then a calculated field of some sort to then flip the value.

So I’m not quite sure about your last statement of “type = 7 for ins or outs”.  

I would assume YOU know by looking at the data whether this should be an “in” or “out”.  You’d just code this same calculation then.

If you do NOT know what to do with the record for “in” or “out” then how would sc be able to know?


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