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Bad econnect proc??

Michelle asked 8 years ago
I have a payables map that also creates the distributions.  I have a test server with 5 company databases and a live server with 5 company databases.  The map runs successfully in all 5 databases on the test server but only in 4 on the live server.  It is erroring out when creating the distributions with a 700 error code stating that one of the input variables contains a null value. The same file is then run on the test environment and it successfully integrates.

I was considering that possibility that the taPMDistributionCreate proc somehow became damaged in the live company database.  The test environments databases have been restored from live many times…. albeit not recently.

I was considering running the Database Maintenance Utility for this company but I am hesitant as this company has a lot of modifications (stored procedures, triggers etc) that would likely need to be reinstalled after.

Any thoughts?
Michelle replied 8 years ago

I just created a dummy integration for an AP transaction for this company and it all works fine. 

I am at a loss……  It works for the same company in the test envrionment.  Another hair ripper….  😀

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