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Back up of Smartconnect Maps

dipalbpatel asked 10 years ago

How to take back up of smartconnect Maps?


Best Answer
kenhepworth answered 10 years ago
Hi Dipal,

The way to backup your maps is to create and export of you maps and save them somewhere.

A better option though is to take a backup of your SmartConnect database, and then you have everything backup and therefore is easier to restore.

Chris replied 10 years ago

Ken is correct on both points. If you also want a copy of the map you can just duplicate it inside of SmartConnect as well. That isn't a true backup though and I normally just use that option before modifying a map I already have working in case I mess it up.


dipalbpatel replied 10 years ago


Even I duplicate my maps before changing. But just in case, If user deletes all the maps accidentally, I want the same maps to back in my smartconnect.

I am looking solution for above scenrario. I already take back up of smartconnect database. But even if restore my smartconnect database, will my Maps will come back?


Chris Hanson answered 10 years ago
Yes if you do a backup of your SC database or if you export them and then impor them later they will all be restored.

Any mpa you create or setting you change in SmartConnect is stored in the SC database so backing that up and restoring it would return everything to an earlier state (which may cause you to lose work done bettween the backup and  now). If you export all your maps you can pick and choose what to import later on which would get you back any missing maps too.

dipalbpatel answered 10 years ago
Hello Chris

Thanks a lot for information.

Dipal Patel

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