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Automatically Post Bank Rec Transactions in the GL

Renee asked 7 years ago
I just created a Bank Rec integration into the Bank Transactions Node Type.  It works great!
However, my BR integration not post in the GL right away like it does if a user manually enters a transaction.  It gets stopped in the GL in a CMTRX batch.  But that doesn’t happen if a user manually enters the transaction.
Do I need to add a Map Post Task to post the resulting batch and mirror the functionality when manually entered?
Or is that not possible with eConnect and clients need to purchase SmartPost?
Thoughts?  Thank you!
Patrick Roth Staff answered 7 years ago
You would need to manually post the transaction or use a tool like SmartPost to post these batches for you.
The reason is that eConnect doesn’t “post” any transaction.  Bankrec is a bit of an exception since it doesn’t have the concept of “work” status and so it “posts” the bankrec piece by pushing the data to the appropriate tables.  However as part of the eConnect “no posting rule”, it doesn’t post the GL Batch for you.
Renee replied 7 years ago

Thank you for the information Patrick. Very helpful!

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