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Automatically have Binary Stream MEM fields available to SmartView, as SmartList automatically does (Facility ID, Department ID, User ID, etc.)

Denni asked 7 years ago
When a GP customer has Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management (MEM) … and quite a few Tribridge customers do … SmartList automatically has the MEM fields available for default SmartLists and some automatically show up.  Plus there is a MEM-product category of SmartLists.  These do not show up in SmartView. Every single SmartView has to be modified to accommodate for Binary Stream MEM, especially if you have facilities using SmartView External.  I was going to attach information I was given by Binary, as well as my solution I sent to our Tribridge team, but this website does not seem to allow that.  Basically you add the appropriate tables (match work and open) and then attach the Binary user table and create a calculated field to do a restriction on.  Binary Stream can give you the details.  This adds a lot of time to an implementation ….
Nicole Albertson Staff answered 7 years ago
We are always looking into 3rd parties that add directly to SmartList.  If you have any information on how you are setting them up in SmartView to get them to work, I would be very interested in that.  I did get some information from Binary Stream a while back, but it didn’t have all the tables needed for each of the different SmartLists they create.  I started out just trying to build them in SmartList Builder, but was having troubles understanding it all and to take a step back to understand Binary Stream first.  Binary Stream is actually updating the SmartList tables to add the information in, but they couldn’t tell me exactly what they were adding.  With SmartView, we have to adjust the views to include them.  We can certainly do this, it is just a process to find all the tables/fields/etc and without knowing Binary Stream to make sure they are correct.
If you can e-mail anything you have to us at, that would be great.  Please put something in it to get itto Nicole so that whomever sees it first knows to get it to me.
Denni Conner replied 7 years ago

I forwarded the write up I did for the customer to the support email address given. Contact me if you have any questions.

Darien Tisseur replied 6 years ago

If you still need help with this you can contact myself. We’re using SmartView for a customer here and I need the MEM Entity ID field at minimum, thanks.

Carolyn Ballard replied 4 years ago

I would love to know how to do this, I am supposed to fix a smart list for a client but i can’t get the MEM Binary Stream fields to show up
can you email me the info.

Jim replied 4 years ago

Did you get this figured out? If not, which smartlist are you trying to work with? We’ve reworked most of the payables, receivables and financials ones in smartlist builder to support this.

Curtis answered 6 years ago
has anyone figured out how to get the Facility Id into the SmartView as SmartList shows?
Jim Harris replied 6 years ago

We are looking for this as well in order to use SmartView with MEM. I’d hate to have to go through each of the standard smartlists and add the corresponding BSSI view. Is any new info available?

Denni Conner replied 6 years ago

You’d have to check with eOne for the latest.

Nicole Albertson Staff answered 5 years ago
While it isn’t the ultimate answer we want, we did publish an article on how to get the security portion of MEM to work with SmartView using SmartList Builder.
We continue to work with Binary Stream to see how we can build these reports into SmartView as well.

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