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autocreate a PO from Sales Order

Jeanenne Turpin asked 8 years ago
We were told at Convergence that we can auto-create a purchase order from a sales order. I think I know how to map the fields from a sales order to a purchase order, but how do you trigger the auto-create part of this process?
Lorren answered 8 years ago
You can use a Real-Time Data Source or a Changes Data source with Dynamics GP as the main data so that when the Sales Order is created you would send that Dynamics GP Destination. Then you would map the data from the Sales Order columns to the purchase order columns.
If this is a Changes Only data source you would schedule the map to run at specific intervals.
Jeanenne Turpin answered 8 years ago
I am working on the map but I am getting one purchase order for each line of my sales order. So I have four line items on the sales order; I am getting four purchase orders. I have the header portion of the map group on sales order number. Any ideas on how to get just one purchase order?
Lorren replied 8 years ago

What is your Key Field set to on the Data Source. This will be the first grouping so if that is not set to Sales Order Number you will probably get the 4 PO Headers.

Jeanenne Turpin replied 8 years ago

The Key Field is Sales Order number, but I also had a field from the sales order line item table. Once I removed that field, I was able to get just 1 PO header.


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