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Auto-Open Extender Window in more than one GP window

Rafael Ruiz asked 7 years ago
Is it possible to setup auto-open function in more than one GP Window?
I have an Extender Window in Customer Maintenance window, auto-open function is configured, and works fine. I would like to setup auto-open function in Sales Transactions Entry Window to open the same Extender Window. Now I have a linked Inquiry, but users need to open it manually.
Mark Anderson Staff answered 7 years ago
The windows in Extender are set up to specific Dynamics GP windows. As you state, you have a window on the Customer Maintenance window set to auto open. If you create a window on the Sales Transactions Entry window it is a completely different Extender window so you cannot auto open the same Extender window from a different Dynamics GP window.  I have set up an auto open window on the Sales Transaction Entry window withe a linked inquiry and the window opens automatically. You cannot open the window based on the customer maintenance window from the sales transaction entry window without Extender Enterprise version.
Rafael Ruiz replied 7 years ago

Thank you very much. So, the answer is, I need to upgrade to Extender Enterprise?


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