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auto-open based on another extender window field

rventosa asked 8 years ago
Our client have an extender window for Item Setup. There is a checkbox field in this extender window.  In Sales Trx Entry window, they have another extender window. They would like to auto open this extender window if the check box in the Item setup extender window is marked. Is this possible in extender? If yes, how? They have GP 10.00.1579. If no, is it possible in a higher version?
Best Answer
Nicole answered 8 years ago
It is possible to have one Extender open a window based on a value in another window. This would require Extender Enterprise however and would use the Dynamics GP Script option in the Logic/Actions setup. This would then require that you write Dexterity code to check the field to see if it is marked and then have it open the window when appropriate.

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