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Auto creation of schema file -Wrong Location

B. Moore asked 7 years ago
Occasionally SmartConnect creates a schema file and puts it in the wrong location.  Schema files should be added to the folder that contains the source file, but we notice that often when a schema is being auto generated, it puts the schema in a location that is not where the source file exists.  Anyone else have this issue?
Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago

What version of SmartConnect are you currently using?
What is the data source that you are using?
Where is it putting the schema file in relation to the source files?

B. Moore replied 7 years ago

We are using 2014 R2 (latest I believe).
The data source is a .csv file (folder trigger map)
It puts the schema file in the root of our tree structure, instead of the folder where the source exists.

Lorren Zemke replied 7 years ago

Can you export your map and send it to me? I’m not able to recreate that.

my email is

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